Bring Back the Connection, Passion and Intimacy!


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What if I feel nervous? 

That's OK and perfectly understandable. Many of us have experienced failed relationships and heart-break, so showing up, with all your resistance, worries and doubts is just perfect. It will take five-minutes or a cup of tea to feel relaxed and glad that you attended. Who knows - it could be fun!


What we are not!
We do not give professional medical, marriage or psychological advice. We do not claim to fix broken relationships. But, we do claim to provoke thought, create new conversations and introduce ways to learn more about yourself and your partner.

Why should you attend?
In this modern world, the new normal is that relationships are based around swiping, texting and scrolling. We need human connection more than ever and more in-depth understanding on how to build and maintain relationships based on generosity, gratitude, honesty, integrity, love and support.


Let's get this party started



Immersion - state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption

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