What people have said....


Wala’s delivery is playful, non-intimidating and joyful. Her genuine love for people and desire to help them connect with pleasure is evident, and also infectious. She did a wonderful job of bringing together a room full of strangers, and holding a safe space in which we could reconnect with our senses and explore our sensuality. J -F

Thanks, today was a great eye-opener to not only in the physical sexual way but also in many other aspects of my life and relationships. And makes me look forward to putting into practice how to communicate better in receiving and giving. C-41F

Todays workshop had a profound impact on what it really means to give, receive, ask for what you want and respect both one's self and those around me. S-45M

Oh Wala... you have no idea how the universe has helped me to connect with you & your work for the life-changing journey I’m already experiencing... & it takes a sexy minx to know one!... you’ve made me actually feel sexier through your touch therapy! K-48F

Wow wow wow thankyou so much - That phone conversation was completely and utterly inspiring. You truly listened to me and validated me. Made me feel important and like I matter. You have all the knowledge and we're able to point me in the right direction. Thankyou so much so appreciated – J 26F

I cant recommend the coaching sessions Wala provides highly enough. To be honest I was feeling slightly intimidated prior to meeting her however after being in her presence for 5 mins I realised this was a total and utter misconception on my behalf. Wala is a complete professional and her passion to assist couples and individuals with rekindling their sexual prowess and enhancing ones relationship was clearly evident. In addition to this you couldn't meet a nicer person and she is extremely grounded, nurturing, kind, classy, beautiful, understanding, encouraging and possesses a great sense of humour and the most beautiful of souls. Thanks again, you've completely transformed my world!!!! - K - M47

I am feeling really good about our session and would be interested in another appointment if you think that would be helpful. I would love to learn more about how to relax in order to make penetration easier and keep learning more about my own pleasure. I have honestly been so worried over the past few years that I would never feel pleasure from sex or masturbation but you definitely helped me put those worries to rest. I would be really interested in purchasing some sex toys as I think that will be really beneficial! J - F22

The workshop was one of the most interesting and informative few hours of my life! It has opened my eyes to things that will most certainly bring my partner and me closer. You are one of a kind and I know that everyone who attends will be absolutely so glad they did. Life changing! A - F32

Your workshop was amazing on so many levels and I am so glad I took the jump to attend. Still thinking about so many things and look forward to more workshops. You said you were nervous and unsure of hosting workshops but you were amazing and gave us so much, really keen to learn more. So thanks again and look forward to seeing you again. Lots of love B - F52

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful informative day yesterday at your workshop.  Has been such a blessing meeting you & learning of your experiences. This is the start of a great fun new path for me & I really look forward to it. I look forward to many more workshops with you. K - F23

Thank you so much for your time!

The workshop was one of the most interesting and informative few hours of my life! It has opened my eyes to things that will most certainly bring my partner and I closer. Wala you are one of a kind and I know that everyone who attends will be absolutely so glad they did. Life changing! A - 38F

Wala made me feel very comfortable asking questions and learning about sex, that I was previously less confident to explore myself. She listened to my concerns and used her skills to help me understand sexual movement that as women, we are never taught to feel. J - 28F

Learning the ropes from Wala is like being given a book of secrets to your own body and mind. With the highest level of professionalism, she makes you feel warm, unencumbered and helps you grow sensually and sexually at your own pace. 

She teaches you to understand the connection between how you feel and how you can express those feelings, both physically and emotionally, all the time bringing you out of your sexual normality and into a world of heightened pleasure and self-control. I cannot thank her enough for the time she has spent with me. R - 32M

I just wanted to let you know again how grateful I am for all your kindness and generosity towards me, and especially your wonderful patience and tolerance for me yesterday. Your calm reassurance and empathy towards me were absolutely brilliant.

I am very thankful for all the support you have given me. G - 51M

Wala is truly amazing. Not only is she authentic and honest, but she is very approachable. I was able to speak freely, openly and honestly. It was great to be listened to with an open mind and heart. Her responses were genuinely comforting but no sugar coating, telling it is like it is. Wala has a wealth of knowledge and guided me through a process that grounded me, bringing me back to myself and back to my body. L - 41F

I didn't know what to expect when I was on my way to my session. All I knew was that I was excited. I could feel all the nerves when I arrived, but once I started talking, they melted away. I have never felt more comfortable talking about sex in front of someone in my life. The guidance and words coming from Wala were so soothing and educational. Thank you. K - 23M

Wala is honest and authentic. She has helped me face myself and reconnect when all I wanted to do was hide from my emotions and myself. She helped me feel what I was needing to feel, to come back to myself leaving me knowing it starts with me and it's ok to take baby steps. Remarkably I was able to breath so much easier than before. C - 34F

OMG Wala, I did it, after thinking about last night all day I got home relaxed and listened to my body and OMG I reached orgasm from touching myself and not only that but it was my g-spot and I think I may have squirted a little. No toys used, I’m so happy. You’ve have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Thank you so much and sorry if that was way to much info and is a bit weird.  

Keep doing this awesome work, I bet there are many people in the same situation as me that need your help. S - 35F (mum of 2)


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