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What is a Somatic Sex Educator?

The experiential learning opportunities available through Somatic Sex Education can help you engage in a respectful dialogue with your autonomic nervous system, so that physical and emotional processes that usually happen to us can be held in mindful awareness, and transformed. Love and fear, excitement and relaxation, arousal and happiness, reverence and bliss all have biochemical and physiological components that can be regulated, with training and conscious practice over time.

We all set limits on the quantity and quality of pleasure we can embody. Limits to pleasure are ubiquitous in a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honour and celebrate erotic energy. Sexual wounding becomes embedded in the body's tissues and responses. Somatic Sex Education can assist you in expanding the pleasure that is possible". ~ Caffyn Jesse

With somatic sex education, women who are shut down sexually come alive, and experience bliss. Couples reignite passion and overcome obstacles to erotic joy. Men who are dissatisfied with ordinary sex learn to master the extraordinary. People who have experienced sexual abuse find their wholeness as erotic beings. Many students say they are astonished at the pleasure they are capable of, and they are thrilled at how easy it becomes. I have seen marriages saved, orgasmic states savoured, shame released, and people opening to new dimensions of ecstatic experience, making sex profound and sacred.

Many people feel wounded sexually - by trauma, heartbreak, unmet needs or unshared secrets. Something inside us yearns for healing and wholeness. There are many therapists and self-help strategies. But the problem is, sexual healing doesn't come from the mind. Sexual healing happens in the body. Sexual healing comes from experiencing love and acceptance physically, viscerally, and with the heart." ~ Caffyn Jesse


Intimacy and Relationship Mentoring

Workshop or groups are not your thing? Or you have something specific you want to improve?

There are no cookie-cutter style solutions with relationships, however, how you communicate and how you meet your partner's and your own needs are something that can be simply given in a way that makes total sense.

Some topics we may cover but not limited to:

  • Have you or are you experiencing a broken heart?
  • Lost the spark in your relationship?
  • Do you to be a better lover?
  • As a person, are you not being seen?
  • Do you or your partner not ask for what you want?
  • Are you wanting to attract a new partner?
  • Are you wanting to stay in your relationship but you want more erotic pleasure?
  • We're in an awesome relationship, can we go deeper?
  • Are you nailing it in the boardroom but failing it in your intimate relationship?

Create a relationships that is fulfilling, fun and satisfying.

Why do people work with me?

Private sessions available via phone/online worldwide or my practice is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Couples session may be in your own home (travel expenses will apply).

  • A safe place to speak openly about the most intimate details of your sexual life;
  • Expressing yourself authentically and discovering who you are as an erotic being;
  • Accessing and understanding deeply held stories and messages within your body;
  • Loss or lack of sexual desire;
  • Practice establishing, communicating and negotiation boundaries;
  • Healing from traumatic childbirth;
  • Healing sexual or erectile concerns and learning ejaculation training;
  • Scar tissue remediation - help for scars from surgery;
  • Learning the anatomy of arousal, becoming a better lover;
  • Prostate education and health;
  • Walking the path of sacred sexuality;
  • Awakening to conscious sexuality - practising giving and receiving, asking for and granting permission for touch;

Using communication, movement, touch and practices we can start to unravel the stories of the body, finding the joy and pleasure that is our natural state. Choosing conscious sexuality means learning how to ask for, give, receive, and bring  pleasure into your life.


Professional Touch Therapy

Learning through the body – is an ideal way to connect with ourselves in a way that really sinks in. As valuable as theory can be there’s really no substitute for physical experience.

Bodywork Sessions (plus more)

  • Couples private erotic touch coaching;
  • Ejaculation choice to prolong erotic states;
  • Erotic sensory pleasure massages - all genders;
  • Vulva empowerment session - education, sensation, healing (after childbirth/trauma);

Virgins, inexperienced or shy people are also encouraged to explore this option to build confidence in a safe and informed environment.

The benefits of bodywork are often felt after just one session. You may experience a renewed and deepened connection of being within your body. Many clients report that through feeling sensations so deeply in their bodies they are capable of understanding pleasure differently.


Corporate Packages

Are you nailing it in the boardroom but not so much at home front? Consulting in Relationships and Intimacy is my boardroom  - make the decision and get professional guidance. Lets have a chat.... and create a package to suit your schedule. 

* Sessions are by appointment only and can be arranged after hours - please contact us directly.


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Embody - to embrace or comprise

Erotic Embodiment